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Artisan Dinners 

 Join us at the Farmhouse Table

Held multiple times monthly, these intimate dinners around the Mercantile farmhouse table offer an exquisite multi-course chef-curated 2-hour interactive dining experience often referred to as a cross between fine dining and attending a great dinner party! The event is limited to 12 guests that will share a bond over food - "we will break bread and be friends" at our community table. You can buy one ticket or twelve, but when they are gone - they are gone until the next time - and each dinner is a unique experience.

  • The Chef curated seasonal menu is prix fixe - and the "set price" varies by menu. Two beverages (wine, beer, or NA cocktails), are included. Coffee, tea, and Port (when available) are also included.

  • We use organic seasonal produce from regional farms and orchards - as available - and couple it with culinary creativity and artistic flare - bringing you a beautiful and delicious experience that you will soon not forget. You will get to interact with Chef Bahr and the entire Artisan Kitchen team as we share our love for good food, conversation, and community!

Artisan Dinners Brick House Mercantile & Artisan Kitchen
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